Rottweiler Champions of the Cart

rottweiler puppies

Rottweiler puppies. The Rottweiler is a versatile breed.  Present day, they can be found active in Search and Rescue missions, working as personal service dogs, or doing therapy work visiting hospitals and children.  Over the years they have been used as Police dogs, Herding dogs, and Carting dogs.  The versatility is proven over and over when you see the breed participating in many different kinds of competitions like Schutzian, Herding, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking, and Carting.  Unfortunately the majority of show dogs are lacking in the proof after their names.  There is a split evolving between the show people and the working people like it has in so many other purebred breeds.  I am always trying to encourage show people to venture into the work world, and try Carting or Rally.

rottweiler puppies

One of the past functions of a Rottweiler was to bring the farmers’ products to market via cart.  The dogs and carts could navigate the narrow roads and crowded streets better than an Ox and wagon and were more affordable to maintain.  The Rottweiler was a perfect choice because of their strength, their loyalty to family, and their guarding instinct. They could protect the contents on the way to market and the money on the way back.

Rottweiler Carts 

The American Rottweiler Club held the first official Carting Test at the Nationals in 2000. I was first introduced to carting with my Rottweiler in 1999 and shortly after won High in Test at that Nationals and several since.  I have introduced hundreds of dogs to the cart. Some dogs when introduced to the cart are naturals and others have to work a bit harder to become comfortable.   I believe the dogs that get hooked up and never look back are the closest to our breed standard in temperament. Owners need to give them more opportunities to work, and breeders need to pay closer attention to temperament in general, remembering that this breed is a WORKING breed. 

Rottweiler Puppies as a cart

Show dogs can cart!  To date I have earned over 40 ARC carting titles with Rottweilers trained by me from start to finish and have had 4 successful driving dogs.  ALL of these dogs are Champions, and seven of those Rottweilers were Nationally Ranked Top Ten Conformation dogs before ever seeing the cart.

Everyone understands that it’s important to breed to the standard and ‘form follows function’ is a popular saying among exhibitors and judges. Structure and type should always be considered when breeding, but it is equally important to remember what each breed is bred for and aim to preserve temperament as well.  It’s hard for a breeder to find, recognize and preserve the correct temperament if they never ask the dog to do more than stand and eat bait.

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