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rottweiler puppies for sale in pa

I had the opportunity hand deliver and place one of our pups in an amazing home .Golden is a us Olympic Champ and in my opinion one of the top NBA player right now. Thanks once again in allowing us to place one our pup in your home


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 Two years ago today my mommies Camille and Jen picked me up from the Rottweiler home to go to my forever home I’ve been loved and spoiled ever since. i love her so much she is the most amazing gentle loving and best Rottweiler. Federico Henna you have done an amazing job….

Camille & Jen

Verified Rottie

Rottweiler Home it is time for the families to make some awesome memories with their new family members. The smile and excitement is always a blessing to see. Thanks again for trusting us and allowing us to place one of our pups in your home.

Jack Johnson

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